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Borrow (please do...)

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(Há músicas que nos dizem tanto...)

You're never with me
You're never near me
What time is it ?
What time?
Whose time is this?
Give yourself a chance to breathe
I'll give you the room you need

You're never here
You're never near here
What day is this ?
What day?
Whose day is this?
Put me in your supermarket list
I'm here, I'm real, it's true, I do exist

Today you may feel a little sleepy
Maybe the morning is too soon
I'll guess I will have to borrow
One of your sunny afternoons
But afternoons they never come
There's nothing left for me to borrow

I guess I'll try again tomorrow

You're wasting me
You're breaking, you're wasting me
Can this be love ?
Is this ? 
Whose love is this?
What is wrong with you I don't know
No place in you for me
and me, I need you so

And if you want to be by yourself
No one disturbing that's alright
I guess I will have to borrow
A little of yourself tonight
But tonight it never comes
There's nothing left for me to borrow

I guess I'll try again tomorrow

It may seem a little hollow
But I will try again tomorrow

There's nothing left for me to borrow
I guess I will try again tomorrow 

(but tonight it never comes...)

2 Posted back about “Borrow (please do...)”

  1. Blogger Rita 

    Estás bonito... estás, estás...

  2. Blogger Rita 

    Em lugar de estares assim, descomplica e admite que sabes bem o q queres... e está mmo à tua frente...

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    bem vindo ao kangaroo post. eu sou o diogo. e este é o meu blog.

    Porquê Kangaroo Post? Simples. Gosto de kangurus. Ah, e também já vivi na Austrália.

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