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in this castle of cards
all alone
ready to brake
waiting for the wind to blow
waiting for the weather change
waiting for a spring to come

leave me
with my eternal doubts
in my all so perfect world
let me try to hide
let me not seek

for the cards are shaking
and this castle is breaking
while the world around
keeps mumbling aloud
that it's not what it seems to be

why can I not reach
the person in the mirror
whose eyes look at mine
asking once and once more
why things aren't
as supposed to be

ignoring the questions
don't look inside
cause you might just find
the things
that running
you try to hide

approaching a draw
nearing an end
my castle is collapsing
as the wind blows
taking each card
one by one
while I sit and stare


    bem vindo ao kangaroo post. eu sou o diogo. e este é o meu blog.

    Porquê Kangaroo Post? Simples. Gosto de kangurus. Ah, e também já vivi na Austrália.

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